Nike Air Shibusa 20210904

Shunfeng actually lost its chain. Fortunately, it was received before Friday. It was genuine. This is the second good store I found in Taobao. The other one is called New York letao. You are welcome!

It has to be authentic. It’s just too handsome to wear. It’s just a little bit strong. But there’s no problem in wearing it. It should be tasteless in two days. The express speed is 666, and the service attitude is 666. Anyway, it’s 666!

The overall feeling is OK, and the customer service is also very enthusiastic. The workmanship of the shoes is a little worried, and all kinds of glue overflow are flying all over the sky. Considering that the workmanship of Nike has generally declined in recent years, it is really suggested that the size should be more than half the normal size. Unless you are sure that your instep is flat, the instep will be tight

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