adidas Alpha Bounce 20210806

Shoes received, very satisfied! Good fabric! Try it on and fit it! The size is standard, the seller’s service is very good, continue to patronize next time. I think it’s very good. The quality is very good. The price is very cost-effective. The price is reasonable. The key is to wear comfortable and fit well! It’s very comfortable to walk, and the whole shoes look good. It’s no different from the description. It’s a good thing to continue to pay attention to. It’s worth buying at a low price. It’s worth buying. I can’t say anything about it. I can only experience such a good thing. I also compared many sellers on the Internet. Finally, I chose this one. My feet are very comfortable, super soft, and the logistics is very fast. I’m very satisfied with this shopping!

Great bad comments to you, 6.18 to buy shoes, not suitable to change the code, choose to pick up the goods from the door, the logistics display has been signed, customer service also said that it has been put into storage, but delayed delivery, a few days later asked again said that did not receive shoes, let yourself contact express. Express said the address is right, show sign in, no longer in charge, can not apply for Taobao Xiaoer intervention processing, at this time the store message shoes have been put into storage, I asked customer service, confirm whether the warehousing, I can cancel Taobao intervention processing, customer service said did not receive, let himself contact express, said that since the application for secondary processing, then wait for the results! So far, I’m very angry. Every time I change the customer service, I have to repeat the question, and every time the customer service says that if there is any situation, it will be timely feedback to me. However, i

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